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I typically put my Christmas decorations up way too early, but I figure I waited all year to do it so why not enjoy it for as long as possible. Every year I DIY a Christmas decoration to add to my collection. Last year my niece and I made garland string lights with red and natural burlap. We also attached rustic string ornaments. I love them. So following tradition, this year I am making a DIY Giant Lollipop. Once again, holla at Pinterest for this one. Anything I use on Pinterst you can find on my account under beauteebaker, check it out!

Pinterst: beauteebaker

I am obsessed with Hallmark. I know its corny and you can pretty much guess the love story from the beginning but I still love it. Recently I came across a post they created from their Home & Family episode with Tanya Memme. She made these Giant Lollipops for the yard and I knew I had to try it.

Video Link:

Hallmark Channel DIY Giant Lollipop

To Start you need some supplies, this list is per lollipop. I made two so I doubled the supplies.

-2 (same colored) pool noodles

-Colored Duct Tape (pick a color that looks good with the color noodle you choose)

-4ft. x 1in. White PVC Pipe


-Hot Glue (if possible, use a larger one. I had a mini and it was more difficult.)

-Thin Garden Stake




Here is the noodles I used:

Blue Pool Noodles

I got the PVC and Garden Stake at Home Depot. Everything else I got at Michaels.



  • Start by hot glueing the two pool noodles together at the ends. Don’t touch the hot glue tip to the noodle because it will melt. Hold it together for a few minutes to in order to allow it to adhere.
  • Start striping the colored duct tape around the noodle.
  • img_4073
  • Then in sections, put hot glue in a line and bend the noodle. This takes a little muscle power. Continue glueing and rolling in sections while applying pressure in order to get the lollipop look. The end piece takes a little extra glue and hold it with pressure for at least 5 minutes. After that it should be dry or keep holding until it is.
  • Take your PVC pipe and mark a circle at the end of the noodle. Cut out the circle and push the PVC into it.
  • Measure out your Ribbon and have that ready to tie.
  • Measure how much Cellophane wrap you need to completely surround the lollipop and bunch it at the base. Use the ribbon and add a bow to complete your lollipop.
  • Hammer the Garden Stake where you want the lollipop outside.
  • Place your lollipop over the garden stake and you did it!


Aren’t they so cute!

Definitely watch the Hallmark video, its not long and really shows how to do it. Their written directions are very vague and incomplete to me so let me know if mine helped. I love these for outside decorations and will be able to use them year after year. Pool noodles and cellophane will keep pretty well in the wet snow. Let me know if you make them and what colors you used!

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