The Wearables: The Top 2016 Winter Styles

The Wearables: The Top 2016 Winter Styles

My fashion icon once said,”Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. That was CoCo Chanel, & that quote always resonated with me. Style isn’t something that comes and goes, its self expression that should always stay true to who you are. That being said, I am not always on board with new trends. There are a few exceptions to this rule for Winter 2016. Here are some of my favorite trending pieces that we may be seeing for awhile.

1. Dusty Rose everything! I personally love the dusty rose shoes and bags. Ive seen it in everything from faux fur jackets to dresses and pants. The only must have for me is a nice pair of pumps in this trending color.

img_4390 img_4389

2. Faux fur, faux fur, faux fur….. Yes its needed three times. Its raging. Hard. I have always loved faux fur and leopard prints but in the right way. Keep it classy with neutrals and the one pop of print or fur. The vest’s are so comfy and warm for these future cold days. Here are some ideas to work with;


3. Sweaters and Tunics with animals on them! Most popular these days is a fox or cat. I’ve even seen quite a few lamas. Im in love with Melissa McCarthy’s oversized cat sweater. Her daughter drew the design. I love reindeer anytime of year so when I found this copper sequined tunic, it became a must.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7


4. Treggings. Yes its spelled correctly. Leggings have finally mixed with trousers and now they can be warn as pants. There are more prints and styles than ever. I can pair them with just about any outfit and its easy and comfortable. I personally love and am wearing the older version of LOFT’s Zip Pocket Pintucked Pointe Legging. Its the same thing as the Tregging.

LOFT Zip Pocket Pintucked Pointe Leggings


5. Poncho’s. They are back. For all the days Im lazy, self conscious, or don’t know what to wear, I have a friend in the poncho. Throw a simple pair of black leggings on and literally any kind of poncho will do. This has to be the easiest fashionable option out there.


6. Neutrals. I had to add this classy option to the list. Its pretty simple, add all neutral pieces in different shades of the same color. Start with basic pieces, t-shirt, tank, trouser, and add layers. I like to add black pants to any of these looks. This makes the neutral layers pop.


7. Lace. Lace is always timeless and elegant. Luckily designers are also making it affordable and flattering for different shapes. I love adding lace tops with different color tanks under them to any pair of pants or tucked into a skirt. I personally am infatuated with black lace and saw a lace overlay dress that I had to have. You can find lace in all different colors now so find the color thats flattering with your skin tone and a shape that feels right.


I’m sure a few of these are already in your closet so pull them out again. I find different pieces work with whats trending if you add it in a different way. I highly recommend having basic t-shirts and tanks in different colors in every wardrobe because you can find them cheap and they won’t go out of style. You can always layer them and add different accessories to liven them up like scarves and necklaces. I have a lot of inspiration of my Pinterest under -style- Check it out!

Please let me know what you think and what are some of your style rules or go to looks?

I truly believe Audrey Hepburn knew what she was talking about when she said, “The beauty of  a women is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a women, is reflected in her soul”. Its important to remember this is for fun and never replaces kindness, tenderness, genuineness, and the value of others. Everything in moderation.

Sorry for the basic photos, I’m waiting on a new camera and am no photographer but I love having photos to help show different ideas. I hope you like some of them and can add some of the ideas into your style. As I’m still working out the kinks, I whole heartedly thank you for taking the time to read my blog and would love to hear from you.

Share a little love and kindness! ♡


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